Android Jelly Bean Bring up for NA Ruggedized Handset OEM

Customer:Premier American rugged device manufacturer


Productization of Android JB (4.1.2) based rugged handheld computer with bar code scanner on TI OMAP4470 chipset


  • Porting of OMAP Blaze Linux kernel to the device
    • Boot loader changes
    • Configuration of Memory and OMAP core peripherals
      • GPIO MUX Configurations, Bus configurations
    • Display, Touch screen, LED driver development
    • Enabling Power Management
      • Adapt architecture specific CPU Frequency Governor & CPU Idling & corresponding suspend-resume & wakeup operations are enabled.
  • HAL porting for Sensors, Camera.
  • Additional enhancements to Android framework
    • Multiple key layouts, key wedging, scanner support, battery hot swap feature, accessory peripherals and docking stations
  • System Testing & Validation, Supporting certifications.
    • Profile and tune Power utilization and performance of the system for various use cases
    • Enable system-wide suspend-resume operations and test its states.
    • Test Retention & OFF State , Test the above with various wakeup.


  • Enabled customer to launch their first Android-based ruggedized handheld device in US market
  • Exceeded the power and performance benchmarks by 14%
  • Enabled OEM with more flexibility on choice of devices due to access to the large Android ecosystem and enhanced user experience

Customer:Premier American rugged device manufacturer

Customer:Leading North American Enterprise Device Maker

Customer:Tier-1 Rugged Device OEM