Developed AUTOSAR Compliant Remote Climate Control Module

Customer: Leading Japanese Automotive Tier-1


The customer was looking for support in developing and validating the software for Climate Control ECU, intended to control the operation of HVAC system in vehicle.


  • Sasken was involved in supporting the customer with the following:
    • Integration and modification/customization of third-party software as Boot loader, HSM firmware, and driver
    • Design, development, and integration of secure boot and boot updater features
    • Design and development of diagnostics and localization
    • Implementation of power management, NVM manger features, IPC, Diagnostic Event Manager
    • Passenger Airbag Deactivation Indicator (PADI), Voltage Range Monitor (VRM), feature-based Message Protocol (FBMP), feature design and implementation
    • AUTOSAR: Configuration of BSW layer, RTE, Application with DaVinci Configurator and Developer
    • Configuration of MCAL using Vector


Leveraging extensive experience in the Body Electronics domain, Sasken was able to diagnose and fix various challenging issues (related to power management, motor calibration, SWDL procedure, etc.), thus receiving customer appreciation for providing timely solutions, which enabled them to meet product timelines committed to their end customers.

Developed AUTOSAR Compliant Remote Climate Control Module

Customer: Japanese Automotive Tier-1

Customer:North American Tier-1

Customer: North American Automotive Tier1