Enabled customer to launch next-gen AUTOSAR-compliant Telematics solution

Success Stories

Enabled customer to launch next-gen AUTOSAR-compliant Telematics solution
German Automotive Tier-1


Customer was looking for support in the development of their new platform and for their existing telematics platform.


  • Sasken was involved in supporting the customer with the following:
    • AUTOSAR Porting
      • Porting customer’s Signal Manager and Audio Manager framework to Vector’s AUTOSAR OS
      • Porting customer’s Persistency/NVM framework to Vector’s AUTOSAR OS
    • System Development
      • Executing Board Bring-up: Configuration, boot optimization, resource development
      • Enabled Inter-Processor Communication
      • Porting, Design, and Development of HAL for SDx24 and SDx55 Modems
    • Addition of Modem Features 
      • SIM profile swap feature for European Auto Tier-1 OEM
      • VoLTE feature for German Auto Tier-1’s OEM customers
    • Analyzed and fixed modem issues
    • eMMC Storage Driver
      • Implemented an MMC data-patrolling method to avoid MMC pre-mature
      • Implemented Manual BKOPS method in 3.18 kernel


With a limited team size, Sasken provided support for customer product teams and their end customers (various OEMs) in multiple geographies (US, Europe and Asia), thus ensuring adherence to timeline for deliveries and cost control.

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