Android OS



As a member of the Open Handset Alliance, Sasken has taken a vantage position in the Android ecosystem. We have played a crucial role in delivering R&D services to port various versions of Android on leading chipset platforms in the market today and have helped launch over 20 different models.

  • Sasken helps smartphone manufacturers keep abreast with the latest version of Android. We have partnerships with leading chipset vendors enabling us to keep pace with the constant release of newer versions of Android, thereby helping handset manufacturers manage the fragmentation of the software releases
  • Sasken provides commercialization services of Android versions in regions across the globe. For instance, we have provided support to adapt Android for right-to-left key-in options for languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, and Farsi
  • Sasken’s ADME services (Application, Development, Maintenance and Enhancement) enable development of operator specific applications and continuous feature enhancements as per the operator roadmap
  • We also integrate some of the most widely used applications such as Facebook and Skype seamlessly with the core applications and multimedia subsystems

Windows OS


Microsoft Windows is a trusted platform that provides its customers with user-friendly yet rich experiences. The same desktop experience is extended to handheld devices via Windows Phone and Windows Embedded portfolio of products. While Windows Phone offers a very rich and ubiquitous personalized experience in the smartphone segment, Windows Embedded offers industry-focused solutions that extend best-in-class business productivity via rugged devices.

Sasken is a well-entrenched player in both Windows Phone and embedded software thus enabling the OEM/ODMs to roll out various smartphones and rugged devices to capitalize the market.

  • Bring up and RIL adaptation – Windows Mobile 6.5 bring up on semiconductor platforms (TI, Intel and Qualcomm)
  • Windows CE system engineering-power and performance management
  • Migration of OS from WEHH to WinCE6.5 and WP8
  • KMDF BSP Base port driver development
  • WP8 WWAN NDIS – miniport development
  • Radio interface layer adaptation
  • Audio / Video kernel streaming drivers
  • Custom application and library module development
  • Porting of device drivers from Windows HandHeld 6.5 platform to Windows Embedded Compact 7
  • Porting of Windows Embedded Compact7 BSP to a newer h/w platform
  • Development of HTML5, native applications for Windows8
  • Migration of applications from earlier versions of Windows/ WinCE to WP8, Windows 8
  • Develop or enhance operator pack
  • Integrate and validate 3rd party services
  • Support with testing and approval
  • Testing, debugging and fixing of bugs for Windows Embedded Compact 7 platform
  • Windows Phone 8 validation services
  • CTK testing and logo certification for ported drivers on Windows Embedded Compact