End-to-end Design and Platform Migration of BTS for Railways

Customer: North American and European Network Equipment Manufacturer


The customer entrusted Sasken with the end-to-end design of a new Base Transceiver Station (BTS) for Railways.


  • Sasken was involved in the complete software design and development including:
    • Migration of existing BTS software to a new processor in a new software development environment including new OS version and compiler versions
    • Development of a new communication interface (CPRI) and drivers across the processors and integration of the same with the existing communication layer
    • Porting of Layer1 software from LSI processor to Free Scale processor
    • Validation of Channel Estimation algorithms (LS & MAP), Viterbi Equalizers
    • Hardware-Software Integration
  • Interfacing with various teams across different geographical locations for activities such as Hardware Design and Development & Software Tests


  • Sasken took complete ownership of the project from Requirement Specification to Customer Acceptance and built the product on time for the end customer.
  • Sasken also worked with the end customer to ensure the product is successfully onboarded into their system.
End-to-end Design and Platform Migration of BTS for Railways

Customer: Tier-1 Test and Measurement Equipment Manufacturer serving US and China markets

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