Video conferencing client for enterprise collaboration

Customer:A leading provider of cloud based audio, video conferencing infrastructure and solutions


Sasken’s customer wanted to enable the business users with a high quality video conference application for every day, multi-party business meetings.


  • Supports an instant video conference meeting or allows to login with existing meeting, sharing of URL and document over the video conferencing meeting.
  • Sasken was involved in
    • UX/UI design and Android application development
    • Test Automation and execution on different types of Android smart phones and tablets.
    • Continuous automated testing done using Robotium test framework
    • Publishing the application in Google Play Store


  • Mobile Enablement benefitted executives to increase their productivity and collaboration, thus increased the platform adoption for Sasken’s customer.
Video conferencing client for enterprise collaboration

Customer:Leading North American PTO

Customer:World’s leading FMCG brand