Enabled NA OEM to upgrade 60+ devices to latest Android versions

Customer: North American Smartphone Manufacturer


Customer was looking for support with Android upgrades and Android Security management for over 60 different smartphone models.


  • Chipsets: Qualcomm: SDM6150, SDM630/632/636, SDM710, SDM450
  • Provided Android Security Management by integrating Security Patches from Google and Qualcomm for 60+ models
  • Enabled the customer to upgrade their phones to Android 9 and 10
  • Development and integration of ~5000 OEM customizations
    • Changes in Setup wizard, Settings, Settings Provider, System UI, Themes, Input Framework, Gestures
    • Telephony framework (APN Settings)
  • Validation: Unit testing
  • Enabled 48 hours of stress test, 800 hours of stability (MTBF) with 10 devices, and 2000+ hours of user trials
  • Managed interaction with chipset vendor and Google


  • Customer entrusted Sasken with the responsibility of end-to-end upgrades of their devices right from bring up to deployment including user trials and monitoring after deployment
  • Sasken enabled the customer to launch the upgrades in multiple operator networks covering North America, Latin America, APAC, and Europe
Enabled NA OEM to upgrade 60+ devices to latest Android versions

Customer:Tier 1 European Telecommunications Service Provider

Customer:Tier-1 Rugged Device OEM

Customer:A leading semiconductor vendor providing chips for STB