New Generation Satellite User Terminal Handset

Customer:World’s leading satellite service provider


New generation of customer’s existing Satellite phone with additional features


  • New ID and mechanics with ratings of IP65 and IK04
  • Incoming alerts without deploying antenna
  • Improved performance – DFU, camping, call setup
  • New features – Location Tracking, SOS assistance, eCompass
  • New security and encryption algorithms
  • Contribution to define system and spec requirements
  • Hardware and Software design, performance tuning


  • Surpassing customer expectations on battery life
  • Fast recovery to coverage
  • Agile methodology adapted to fulfill the changing scope/requirements without slippage in schedule or additional cost
New Generation Satellite User Terminal Handset

Customer:Tier-1 Satellite System Developer

Customer:Leading European satellite service provider

Customer: Tier-1 NA Welding Machine Manufacturer