End-to-End Satellite Phone for European Satellite Service Provider

Customer:Leading European satellite service provider


To design and develop the satellite phone complying to GSM and GMR2+ specs


  • Concept analysis, System Design
  • HW and SW Design and Implementation
  • Electro mechanics engineering, DFM & product validation verification
  • Schematics and PCB layout design
  • GSM/GMR2+ modem protocol stack & L1, transceivers, SAF, GPS, BT, USB
  • SW tools – DFU, Production testing, Logging
  • Acceptance, IOT
  • 0-serie prototype manufacturing and verification
  • Manufacturing ramp-up support and documentation
  • RF/BB design and PV


  • Low foot print modem and application framework
  • Long battery life
  • Low cost ruggedized stable design with IP54 ratings
End-to-End Satellite Phone

Customer:Leading European Public Safety Handset OEM

Customer:World’s leading satellite service provider

Customer:Tier-1 Satellite System Developer