Reduced Maintenance Costs with Remote Control and Diagnostics of Industrial Valves

Customer: Leading Finnish industrial machinery company

Scope: Customer wanted to enable remote monitoring of Industrial valves to address rising maintenance costs due to strict SLAs with its end customers.


  • Sasken was involved in the pre-study phase where three different antenna concept/location were studied, measured, and reported.
  • Hardware:
    • Electronics: Added BLE module, BT antenna, and additional circuitry to existing BT LUI schematics
    • Antenna: BT antenna integrated into circuit board
    • Testing: Electronics and functional testing, Antenna testing, EMC/EMI/ESD tests
  • Software:
    • BT Module Firmware: HART signal, BT Pairing
    • Mobile App: iOS /Android
  • Cloud Connectivity
    • Mobile application connects to customer’s cloud platform backend
    • After the mobile application pairs with a Bluetooth device and receives data, the data is uploaded to cloud as soon as possible


  • Ease of control of valve for the maintenance team
  • Remote monitoring enabled easy and early detection of defects
  • Better maintenance due to lesser issue resolution time taken by service engineers

Customer:World’s leading FMCG brand

Customer: Tier-1 NA Welding Machine Manufacturer

Customer: Tier-1 NA Welding Machine Manufacturer