Reduced time-to-market with Unified IIoT platform and Business Apps

Customer: World’s largest Tier-1 Auto and Industrial OEM


  • The client had undertaken an initiative to develop a single, re-usable IIoT Platform which would serve customers and internal users alike. Use-cases include fleet management, shop floor and Asset Predictive Maintenance.
  • Re-architect and re-develop/augment existing suite of applications from Oracle to Azure-based platform
  • Transform quality assurance processes from manual to Automation lead and set up a QA Centre of Excellence to ensure high quality platform functionalities, APIs, applications, etc.


  • Technology selection for unification and standardization
  • Worked with Microsoft for feature consultation and road-map
  • Geographically distributed Platform First Approach
  • De-coupled independent platform and application evolution
  • Support for real-time and batch imports for legacy data import
  • 100% test automation leveraging service virtualization and device virtualization for simulations
  • Framework and automation based approach for legacy app migration


  • Architecture modernization
  • Common digital platform
  • API-based business logic for re-usable microservices and app development
  • Quality shift left with automation
  • Faster release cycles with DevOps
  • Improved user experience
  • Digital factory for faster time-to-market
Reduced time-to-market with Unified IIoT platform and Business Apps

Customer:US-based Leading Machine Vision-based product manufacturer

Customer: Leading North American Semiconductor company

Customer: Tier-1 NA Welding Machine Manufacturer