Track And Visualize Paving Operations via SaaS-based Industrial IoT Platform

Customer: Leading manufacturer of machines and vehicles for the construction industry

Scope: Customer wanted to enable total traceability from production to job site  of their off-highway machines, optimize their truck fleet based on paver flow rate and round-trip duration, and get critical information on the status of truck and paving operations


  • SaaS-enabled application with multi-tenancy support for real-timed data access and visualization
  • Loosely coupled, collaborating services Microservices leveraging Azure PaaS and combination of SQL and NoSQL data bases
  • Leveraged Azure Event Hub to support 2 million assets and process ~48 million events per hour
  • Leveraged Azure Even Hub’s Partitioning Model to improve availability and Auto-inflate for auto-scaling
  • Responsive and Adaptive UI across browsers and devices


  • Improved coordination between plants and jobs through traceability in operations
  • Reduced OPEX through truck fleet optimization
  • Real-time alerts via multiple channels for configured events
  • Scalable solution to accommodate several thousands of users and millions of assets
SaaS-based Industrial IoT Platform

Customer: Leading UK-based provider of aftermarket automotive ancillary products

Customer: Leading NA manufacturer of Machine Vision Systems

Customer: Leading UK-based Tier-1