Enabled 30% Cost Savings Through Cloud Infrastructure Usage

Customer:Leading North American PTO

Scope: Sasken deployed an Intelligent Transportation Platform for a North American PTO’s large commuter base with 24x7 zero downtime availability in supporting business operations.  


  • Assessment & Discovery -  Different Services were studied and prioritized for cloud enablement.
  • Architecture Definition –  Disaster Recovery, Scalability, Availability were considered. DR was achieved through multizone deployments. Scalability was achieved through AWS ELB. Availability was achieved by using AWS services like multi-node SQL server, multi-node IIS server etc. Services were API enabled to take care of large number of requests.
  • Development, Testing  -  Performance/Load test cases were defined & executed.
  • Deployment - Cloud Formation Templates for Automated deployment


  • High Availability, Scalability test cases verified by Customer validation team. Production Deployment planned to go live in May ’2018.

Customer estimates 25% - 30% cost savings due to cloud infrastructure usage

Customer:Leading European Transportation technology provider

Customer:Leading American Industrial OEM

Customer:A leading provider of cloud based audio, video conferencing infrastructure and solutions