Enabled successful road trials of C-V2X in Japan

Customer: Japanese Automotive Tier-1


Customer was looking for a partner to develop a platform to evaluate C-V2X modem performance. Sasken proved to be the right fit leveraging exclusive C-V2X system integration partnership with Qualcomm.


  • Platform: Qualcomm 9150
  • Implementation of scheme to change modem configurations such as frequency channel, bandwidth, Tx maximum power, modulation and coding scheme
  • Development of application over Qualcomm C-V2X SDK to transmit/receive packets of different size and at different frequency
  • Development of Multi-Vehicle Emulator to emulate multiple vehicle, primarily to load the channel
  • Log viewer development to analyze the C-V2X performance with respect to Tx packet size, frequency channel, bandwidth, modulation scheme, coding scheme, Tx power, channel busy ratio, transmitter speed, and distance. Details displayed in viewer are location, speed, RSSI, RSRP, delay, and PER


Sasken was selected as part of the consortium for C-V2X performance road trials conducted by the Government of Japan

Enabled successful road trials of C-V2X in Japan

Customer: North American Automotive OEM

Customer: Leading Japanese Automotive Tier-1

Customer:Leading UK-based provider of aftermarket automotive ancillary products