Instrument Cluster Verification & Validation for NA Tier-1

Customer: North American Automotive Tier1

Scope: Customer was looking for a partner to productize two variants of Instrument Cluster comprising of an Application Processor (GIP) and Vehicle Interface Processor (VIP)


  • Platform: VIP: RL78/STK, GIP: iMX6/QNX
  • Designed and developed test cases for the combined HUD and 3D product variant using Kanzi framework
  • Responsible for performance testing and optimization of the system to meet set KPI parameters such as CPU cycles, bootup time, frame rate
  • Carried out Sanity Testing for both visual and non-visual behaviors, applying visual inspection and analyzing serial logs for every software release
  • Flashing system images to VIP & GIP, establishing connection and passing commands to board over serial port, reading test inputs, sending appropriate CAN signals, validating and generating a test report with PASS/FAIL criteria
  • Helped set-up the continuous integration and configuration management for the customer


  • Sasken increased test coverage up to 85% against a customer mandate of 80%
Instrument Cluster Verification & Validation for NA Tier-1

Customer:Leading SOC makers

Customer:A leading supplier of automotive parts

Customer: North American Automotive OEM