Perception and Driver Monitoring System For Japanese Market

Customer:Japanese Automotive Tier-1


  • Concept to Production Ready solution integrating mmWave Radar, 3 Cameras and IMU for Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Driver Drowsiness Detection (DDD), Traffic & Road Sign (TSR) detection
  • Platforms: TI TDA2, AWR 1642, Linux


  • Concept formulation, competitive market analysis
  • Selection of hardware platform based on performance analysis and peripheral interfacing
  • Porting, optimization and development of vision-based algorithms on selected platform
  • Range and distance estimation development using mmWave Radar and Camera
  • Performance analysis of vision-based algorithms:
    • Driver Drowsiness Detection is signalled via audio alerts for events like Blinks, Head Tilt, Yawning, etc.
    • Support for infrared sensors for low light conditions
    • Perception System Supporting:
      • FCW detection is signalled via audio alert with dedicated application
      • Traffic Sign detection (Speed, Stop signs) is signalled via audio alert
      • Lane detection
    • Drive Record, E-call, IMU assist, BT/Wi-Fi, G
    • Mobile App support
  • Test environment on PC platform to simulate the road scenario as seen by the camera
  • System integration, road testing (Japan and India) and productization
  • Hardware design and partnering with EMS for manufacturing


After completing successful road trials in India and Japan, Sasken worked on the form factor design, and has partnered with the OEM’s vendor to provide manufacturing support.

Perception and Driver Monitoring System For Japanese Market

Customer: Japanese Automotive Tier-1

Customer: North American Automotive OEM