Enabled Business Continuity And Sustained Service Levels

Customer:Leading American Industrial OEM

Scope: Sasken met customer requirements for setting up and providing of 24x7 L2 Support for Telematics offboard applications, Fleet Management Systems, Subscription Management portals and Data Visualization applications.


  • Setup Application monitoring using Azure Application Insight. Multiple customer written scripts are also used for monitoring.
  • Updating the knowledge base and keep it up-to-date
  • SLA based engagement with first response time of 5 mins for a P1 incident
  • Monitoring of site availability, CPU, Disk, Memory, Traffic, Application Specific Monitoring, Custom Metrics


  • Introduced real time monitoring through Application Insight
  • Implemented web-check to improve application availability
  • Improved response time for tickets @ 100%

Increased consensus with other business line to offload

Enabled Business Continuity And Sustained Service Levels

Customer:A Leading Telecom Carrier in Europe

Customer:US-based Leading Machine Vision-based product manufacturer

Customer:Leading Japanese Automotive Tier-1