Get competitive edge with our in-depth expertise across various industries

Antenna Design

Sasken Finland provides professional antenna design services for companies that are designing wireless products

Audio and Acoustics

Sasken Finland's Audio Lab with over two decades of expertise in Audio and Acoustics design for objective and subjective analysis. This specific lab room can also be used also for ‘Listening Room’ testing purposes


Sasken Finland understands the engineering complexity in all major connectivity technologies and is the best partner from driver development to validation

Cross Platform Technologies

Sasken Finland has carried out pioneering work in providing platform expertise for semiconductor vendors and OEMs who are global leaders

Electronics Design

Sasken Finland's combination of baseband expertise and hardware laboratory facilities offers professional services for design and testing purposes

Full Stack Development

With expertise in full stack development, Sasken Finland enables customers to accelerate time-to-market

Mechanics Design

Sasken Finland's provides design software tools and a wide range of high-end measurement devices for environmental, mechanical & material measurements and testing


As experts in this domain, Sasken Finland understands the interplay of processors, operating systems, peripherals and complex use cases

PCB Layout and Board Design

Sasken Finland provides professional printed circuit board and layout design for wired and wireless electronics

Production Testing

Sasken Finland provides production testing services throughout the product development lifecycle

RF Design

Leverage Sasken Finland's combination of radio expertise and high-end radio laboratory facilities for design and testing of your products


My work tasks, in the last 10 years, have been a good balance between managerial tasks, antenna research in customer projects and participation in research programs with top Universities in the field of RF and Antenna technologies

Mikko Keskilammi

Capability & Resource Manager


I joined Sasken as an intern 6 years ago and was attracted to its simple yet powerful style of working. Today, I provide client services to one of the world's largest mobile researchers. Proud to be in an organization where gender is not a criteria for success.

Neetu Sasi Kumar

Senior Software Engineer


Joining Sasken was a dream come true for me. I enjoy the freedom to work and learn. In a short span of time, I have made many friends. I look forward to becoming a role model in Sasken, in the years to come.

Farheen Hussain

Engineer - Automation