Audio and Acoustics

Sasken Finland provides professional audio design & testing services for companies that are designing products requiring outstanding high end audio performance.

Acoustic performance of the devices can verified in our far field laboratory. Laboratory size is 8m x 5m x 2.6m and its reverberation time can be modified from >= 1500 ms to <= 400 ms. Acoustic environment can be fully changed according to requirements.

Electrical audio performance for hand-held devices and headsets can be accurately measured in our 2m x 2m x 2m anechoic audio chamber with ISO3745 anticipated free field from 250 Hz to 8 kHz. Both audio laboratories are equipped with a wide range of high-end measurement devices. Sasken Finland's combination of audio expertise and high-end audio laboratory facilities offers professional services for design and testing purposes.

Sasken Finland offers audio expertise in the following areas:

  • Audio concept design
  • Audio design for smart home devices
  • Audio hardware development and testing
  • Audio software tuning
  • Acoustics design and testing


  • Audio transducer knowledge
  • Audio test equipment knowledge
  • Test methods
  • Sound behavior in different cavities, enclosures and rooms
  • Acoustics design for IP rated products
  • Audio standard knowledge