Antenna Design

Sasken Finland provides professional antenna design services for companies that are designing wireless products and want to integrate antennas into the design. Antenna behavior can be accurately predicted by using CST Microwave Studio® simulation software. After the simulations, antenna prototypes can be verified in our state of the art 7m x 6m x 6m anechoic chamber by using the high end fully automated Satimo SG64 measurement system.

Sasken Finland offers antenna design and engineering services expertise in the following areas:

  • Uniquely designed and tuned antennas to meet the operating parameters and physical constraints of the application
  • Antenna design in total design projects
  • Own antenna design and testing facility
  • Antenna mechanics and layout design


  • Multi-band antenna solutions
  • Flex antenna design
  • Single, Dual, Triple or Quad band antenna design
  • Tetra antennas
  • RFID antennas
  • GPS, WLAN and Bluetooth antennas
  • Passive and active measurements