Conceptualization and UX design

Good user experience differentiates successful mobile applications from unsuccessful applications. Exceptional mobile experience delights users, opens up a large set of opportunities to reach customers and helps to improve the brand image.

Several nuances have to be kept in mind in designing mobile application UX. These are:

  • Since mobile users are casual users, the UI should be impressive with a very low learning curve.
  • For mobile screens it is crucial to divide the whole process into sub processes with logical break points and provide smart navigation to jump between various sub processes without pressing home each time.
  • The UI should prioritize important information and show it at the first level. An advanced user can always dig deeper to consume further information at the sub level.
  • Thumb rule of visual design for mobile screens is to never decorate the screens with any element, which is not required functionally. Therefore, it is important to make the functional elements visually pleasing.

Sasken Finland's UX and UI design team excels in the four-staged process of discover, innovate, design and evaluate for user research, information architecture design, task flow definition, wire-framing, visual design and usability testing.

UX Design

  • UX concepts
  • Task flows
  • Wire frames
  • Graphics and layout
  • Usability

Product Visualization

  • Concept design
  • CAD Simulations –2D & 3D Quick Mock-ups
  • Working Prototypes