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Jani Turpeinen

AVP – Software Finland

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Jani Turpeinen is currently acting as Associate Vice President for Sasken Finland, focusing on the offerings of Sasken Finland for domestic and foreign customers.

Jani has long experience in various technologies and understanding in which areas different technologies may be usable. Originally, Jani joined Ionific (acquired by Botnia Hightech in 2004 which was subsequently acquired by Sasken in 2006) as a software engineer in 2000. Within a year, Jani moved to the position of Technical Project Manager and has held several managerial positions since then working on multiple multisite projects between Finland and India. In 2011, Jani started heading the Software business unit at Sasken Finland, and as of 2019, he has been handling the role of technology and offerings manager, especially focusing on Software development.

In his work, Jani has been responsible for various positions, all the way from implementing applications and systems to managing projects, offerings and business line. He has been a technical trainer for hundreds of international engineers on mobile operating system. His work has also included being a primary contact to many open source foundations and organizations as well as research programs. Jani has technical expertise in databases, mobile applications and servers giving him excellent and wide view for the services required to fulfil user and customer needs.

Jani loves to keep fit and spends his free time as an instructor for circuit training, body pump exercise, and kettlebell trainings at the gym. He also plays volleyball and serves as the physical training coach of FC Haka Juniorit.

Mikko Keskilammi

AVP – Practice, Sasken Finland

Tero Pernu

Managing Director

Pasi Liukko

Sales Director