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Tero Pernu

Managing Director

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Tero Pernu heads Sasken Finland Oy as Managing Director and Member of the Board. He is responsible for Sasken’s business in Finland. Tero has graduated from the University of Tampere, Finland, and joined Sasken Finland in February 2022.

Tero comes with over 20 years of experience handling product and software solutions to address diverse business needs. He has a deep knowledge of IT, digital services, and business systems transformations, having held responsibilities requiring deep capabilities in strategy creation, program management, service delivery, and sales. Throughout his career, Tero has worked with reputed organizations like HCL, TCS, Nokia, and CGI and has a track record of driving significant & scalable growth while ensuring high customer retention.

As an active fitness enthusiast, he is training in swimming, cycling, running, and seasonal sports such as skiing.

Jani Turpeinen

AVP – Software Finland

Mikko Keskilammi

AVP – Practice, Sasken Finland

Pasi Liukko

Sales Director