One of the few companies in the world to develop an end-to-end satellite phone  

Today with low demand volumes, semiconductor companies as well as terrestrial networks have cut down investment in Satcom. Providers have to grapple with issues such as communication latency between terminals connected by a satellite, call quality assurance and form factor of terminals.With over two decades of terrestrial communication experience from ADSL technologies to the latest LTE technologies, Sasken understands these challenges.

Sasken has executed full product program R&D for 15 mobile handset products with conceptualization, integration, productization and production ramp up. From complete terminal development to building large scale enterprise applications, terminal applications, sustenance and enhancement of software components and addressing obsolescence, we have helped industry leaders launch next generation products with development cycles less than 24 months.

Terminal Design and Development

We have the critical know-how required to offer significantly smaller form factor, state-of-the-art antenna design and evolved user experience

Embedded Software Development

Middleware development, bearers/protocol stack porting and optimization

Access Network Enhancement, Maintenance and IP

Product life cycle management, including proof-of-concept, prototyping, development, maintenance and sustenance

Application Development

Expertise across application development on handheld devices, desktop applications, server applications and enterprise based architecture

Business Impact

Complete phone development of two flagship products for world’s leading satellite phone manufacturer
Enabled European Product Company to upgrade their control room applications from non-scalable to scalable framework. Sasken enhanced the existing enterprise applications with new features, designed new architecture using SOA architecture framework and migrated all the enterprise application on to SOA architecture
Sasken built a cross platform tool with low memory footprint for a tier-1 satellite handset manufacturer which ensures that satellite operators and terminal users do not need high bandwidth to download the tool
Sasken developed a web-based graphical user interface for remote access to Automated Test Call Generator (ATCG) system that removes manual dependency on the test case execution in different parts of the world. This tool allows the user to carry out services testing using web based remote login and scheduler feature for scheduling any test execution at any future date and time