Coordinated and ensured safe return of employee stranded in the UK

After getting married in January this year, I had travelled to the United Kingdom (UK) towards the end of February for work related reasons. It was around this time that the rapid spread of COVID-19 led to a complete lockdown in UK with all London offices closed for the public. During this time in mid-March, I was initially residing in a shared accommodation which I had to vacate. Since all flights to India were suspended, I sought the help of a cousin in Hereford for a place to stay until the lockdown was lifted. My manager and fellow colleagues also provided the necessary support and contacts I needed during this time. When the Vande Bharat Mission was announced, I registered for a flight to India. Sasken’s HR, Finance, and Travel Desk departments also provided the necessary information and support for a smooth and safe return home. Once I reached Bengaluru, Sasken’s IT team also helped ensure I had the necessary connectivity for my project work to commence immediately. I am truly grateful for the end-to-end support that Sasken provided to help repatriate me to India during this precarious period.

Ranjan R
Lead Engineer- Application Software Design & Development