Delivered multiple releases of automated fare collection system for the transportation domain

Customer: Belgian transportation company

For our team, adapting to COVID-19 in such a short time span was a truly unique journey. It has been a positive experience so far with multiple benefits.

With our IT team’s tireless efforts, we were empowered with the ability to work from anywhere (WFX), without hampering our productivity and ability to help the customer with their requirements. Video and teleconferencing became the go-to method of collaboration, as we were scattered across different geographies. Nevertheless, our team spirit has never wavered, and we provide each other constant support.

This WFX model has also provided the benefit of more personal time for everyone, thereby improving everyone’s morale and energy while working. This has also led to a more flexible approach toward addressing our customer’s requests. In the past four months, we have successfully delivered four new releases to the customer, meeting the highest quality standards to the customer’s delight. The team is also further refining their technical knowledge and schedules during this lockdown to make the best use of this situation.

Rishabh Barua
Meet Rishabh Barua, a DevOps and Cloud expert sharing his insights on building a scalable next-gen transportation solution. Learn from his experience today.