Enabled Android Security Management amid COVID-19 lockdown

Customer: Leading Japanese Enterprise Device makers

I am responsible for two Android Security Management projects for a couple of leading Japanese device makers. The two teams comprise of 24 engineers and I needed to facilitate work from home to assure their safety while also ensuring we continue to meet our customers’ commitments.

Each project had unique execution challenges. For example, the infrastructure to work from remote networks was not readily available and was neither tested nor verified for integrating Android Security patches on the devices. We also had monthly and quarterly milestones to deliver to our customers. The development teams depend on VPN connectivity to access the build server and customer tools, synchronize the code, integrate the monthly security patches, push the code, and update the tickets in the tool. The test team had a dependency on the equipment and network bandwidth to carry out their work. Some engineers are working in the Sasken Lab for setup related test cases that cannot be executed from home. Keeping in mind the limited accessories, these are being shared to manage the execution of various tests.

Sasken’s IT teams also provided support to enable WFH for my teams using personal laptops/PCs and I am delighted to share that we have successfully released all milestones. A testament to our exemplary productivity levels in spite of us spread across various locations.

Biswajit Mohanty
Project Manager-Devices