Enabled project segregation with VPN and Firewall for customer project

Customer: North American Autonomous Driving startup

I am a member of the IT team at Sasken and working during the COVID-19 pandemic was a challenging experience for us. The fact that our efforts directly contributed towards Sasken’s business continuity motivated us to constantly keep at it.

One such instance among many was the teamwork and coordination in enabling a VPN system in a project for an American Autonomous Driving startup. IT team members from our Pune office and our security team played a crucial role in providing critical desktop systems necessary to provide the firewall for this network. The underlying infrastructure was brought up all the way from Pune to ensure efficient operations.

By implementing simple and effective ideas, we established a secure VPN infrastructure with an efficient firewall, segregating the project work as per the customers’ requirements. The knowledge that these efforts ensured seamless working, employee safety, and billing revenue was a huge reward for me and the team.

Ravi Kiran
Manager-IT Delivery