Enabled smooth continuity of project with VPN and remote access

Customer: German Automotive part manufacturer

I manage multiple projects for our customer who is a leading German Auto parts manufacturer and I had to ensure optimal care of employees’ and customer’s needs.

While most of my team was already equipped with laptops, we had one engineer who had joined the team recently and did not have a laptop. With prompt help from our facility management and IT teams, he too was quickly equipped to WFH. Then, we encountered challenges like accessing customer source code and arranging project related hardware accessories such as power adapters, USB cables, etc. Initially, customer’s policy did not permit VPN access on Sasken’s IT assets which blocked the team from remotely accessing source codes but we convinced them to provide access to their VPN. This obviated a major concern for us while our IT team sprang into action and quickly installed client software on all Sasken laptops which provided access to customer’s VPN.

On priority, we purchased additional hardware accessories for the team since each of them had to carry one working set at least with them and were ready to WFH by March 20, 2020 – just in time before the government lockdown hit us.

Suresh Jayappa
Project Manager-Automotive