Ensured milestone deliveries of ODC projects during COVID-19 lockdown

Customer: European Public Transportation software provider; Dutch manufacturer of high security RFID inlays

I had the dual responsibility of ensuring my team’s well-being and providing business continuity during this pandemic. It was crucial to reassure customers of our preparedness during the COVID-19 lockdown with no compromise in deliverables.

Leading up to the lockdown, the Internal Communication team sent frequent informative mailers providing Sasians with an authentic view of the situation. Our FMS team also reinforced the need for safe working spaces in office premises. This included having more hand sanitizers, limiting group interactions in office premises, and modifying seating arrangements to promote social distancing.

Once the lockdown was announced, the IT team ensured seamless shifting of ODC workspaces to our homes in just two days. They provided the necessary infrastructure along with a 24x7 support system, which guaranteed successful milestone deliveries in my projects within the stipulated timeline. The Legal team also took the necessary steps for the visa renewal of a critical team member working from Belgium. By collaborating with our Emergency Response Team, all necessary requirements were in place within six to seven hours.

Rohini Lingadevaru
Project Manager-Application Software, Digital