Ensured seamless deliverables for ODC projects by WFH with customer’s approval

Customer: Japanese Consumer Electronics conglomerate

Our projects with the customer involve a cross-cultural environment with teams spread across Chennai, Bengaluru, Sweden, and Japan. We provide vital end-to-end engineering services for all activities, including development, integration, system verification, and support activities.

We were working in an ODC model before the lockdown commenced, following the customer’s strict mandates keeping in mind the work done on various prototype devices. After the announcement of the lockdown, we managed to procure the necessary approvals for our engineers to WFH, albeit with some restrictions. Within a day, we proposed a model for WFH which we were able to implement within a limited timeframe, thanks to the cross-functional efficiency from various internal departments. Since laptop supplies were limited, desktops for some engineers were provided on time and setup effortlessly.

Since then we have had challenges in execution but our team always rose to the occasion to ensure continuous seamless deliverables, which was highly appreciated by the customer. Our daily sync-up meetings kept the team’s progress in check. We also stayed in touch via our mobile phones and through WhatsApp. Some team members are also enriching their skillsets in the Android domain by working on new cookie analysis and conduct knowledge sharing sessions for other team members.

Kannan Manickam
Project Manager-System Software

Chandrasekar Selvaraj
Project Manager-System Software