Ensured seamless transition to WFH for mission-critical GSM-R network project

Customer: Europe’s largest GSM-R Network company

We have an ongoing project with Europe’s leading GSM-R Network Company for several years now. We are responsible for managing the mission-critical GSM-R network for customer’s stakeholders and their customers across the globe. This R&D project involves end-to-end activities, including Design, Development, Design Integration, System Verification, Tools, and support activities.

Product and feature delivery require that various teams work together seamlessly. Test activities are crucial and require 100% lab availability to ensure the project flow is smooth. In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, we understood our responsibilities on ensuring business continuity while assuring safety for our team members.

We proactively enabled WFH for 70% of our engineers initially and later for all of them. The timely support of IT, facility management, and customer’s lab teams made this possible. Keeping the safety of employees in mind, we requested engineers who were staying in paying guest accommodations to travel to their hometowns and continue WFH. We held regular online sync-up meetings through MS Teams to ensure the progress of the planned deliverables and updated all stakeholders frequently on the development of all ongoing project activities.

Sanjay Kumar Radhakrishna
Program Manager-Networks