Ensured successful MSE Factory Acceptance Test execution for customer during lockdown

Customer: North American Satellite Communication Network Equipment manufacturer

We were responsible for managing the Mobile Satellite Equipment (MSE) program for our customer, which involved a collaborative effort between teams located in India and Finland. The teams had already worked on the design and development of Mobile Satellite Equipment software and hardware with the program running for almost four years. Now the team was faced with the Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) which is usually done in the presence of the customer and their end customers. We had scheduled the FAT at the end of March or early April but were hit with the COVID-19 lockdown.

Our teams did not despair and lost no time in considering an alternative approach to preserve business continuity and ensure general safety. They conducted all the tests, painstakingly collected evidence including photographs, screenshots, videos, and an enormous amount of test reports. Then, they delivered this data to the customer, held discussions, and, for the first time in a complex product development cycle, reviewed the results in a virtual mode.

We also arranged for live streaming of select test cases for scenarios where test reports were not sufficient for the customer to form an opinion. Select members in India and Finland went to office, after acquiring the necessary government approvals, to host the live streaming. It was definitely hectic but we ensured no compromise on our work. The end result was a first-of-a kind achievement for Team Sasken.

Manish Dhanake
Associate Vice President-Engineering, Satellite Communications