Ensured Zero Loss in Productivity during execution of project

Customer: Leading Automotive Tier-1

I am responsible for projects for leading Automotive Tier-1s. Realizing the importance of people's well-being and the need for social-distancing to control the spread of COVID-19, we managed to enable 100% WFH for our offshore engineers. For onsite engineers located in Japan, we arranged personal transport to ensure that they avoid crowded metros and remain safe.

Our model of engagement is that there is an onsite team working from a customer location and an offshore team. Our onsite team provides the necessary support to the offshore team in addition to their workload. They also help by filling the gap, wherever essential, to support the offshore team. The onsite team has played a vital role in convincing our customers to permit WFH for the offshore team.

We made it a point to hold online daily sync-up meetings through MS Teams, where we ensured rigorous tracking of activities, resolving blockers, and ensuring that there is no productivity loss in these critical times.

Our meticulous efforts have convinced the customer that their interests are well-taken care of. I am proud to say that there are no delays in deliveries nor any effort loss, ensuring there is no financial impact for the customer or Sasken.

Chetan Sethi
System Software Architect, In-Vehicle Infotainment