Guaranteed ADAS BSP Validation for Japanese customer

Customer: Multinational Japanese ADAS Platform Developer

I was the lead engineer working on QNX BSP validation in the ADAS domain for the customer, wherein we took a calm and methodical approach towards business continuity. The project had members in the client’s premises in Japan and in our Pune office. We were at the final stages of validation and acceptance when the pandemic was peaking outside India. In February, precautions were taken based on recommendations by the customer.

To reduce communication gaps, we held timely discussions with the customer and Sasken’s Japan Sales Head to ensure everyone was on the same page. All hardware dependent validation was completed by early March with pending tasks planned for completion later in March. Sasken’s Travel team also helped an onsite engineer travel on time before the suspension of international flights. Our WFH model for the customer was approved after we intimated them of the situation in India.

We used VLANs and test VPNs seamlessly setup by our IT and Facility Management teams. The team regularly stayed in touch and worked in a positive and productive manner, which led to the delivery of our planned commitments to the customer. These efforts were recognized by the customer who appreciated our commitment with a commendable C-SAT (customer satisfaction) score.

Atul Girigosavi
Lead Engineer-Specialized Testing, Automotive