Leveraged Round-robin system and Remote Access to ensure Business Continuity

Customer: North American Semiconductor Company

I am responsible for a project for North America’s leading Semiconductor manufacturer. While we were watching the development of COVID-19 across the globe, we started preparing our business continuity plan along with our customer to handle any emergencies. Given the scale of operations needed for this customer, a collaborative effort and speed were essential.

The team comprised of 21 engineers, 5 of whom visit customer’s premises often. We created a round-robin system to enable the rest of the 16 engineers to WFH. We had some dependency on customer’s boards and were able to manage the work around by remotely accessing them onsite. Both our offshore and onsite counterparts complemented each other well.

I am glad to say that thus far, we have not faced any challenges in executing our milestones and deliverables. We will continue to be vigilant and monitor for further challenges.

Customer speaks:

 “Thanks for bringing up the remote setups and coming to office during these pandemic days. We appreciate your commitment to delivering priority projects and want to thank you for all the support.”

Veerabharathi V
Principal Engineer-System Software