Stayed motivated and determined during the COVID-19 crisis

Customer: Leading NA manufacturer of products for locomotives, freight cars and passenger transit vehicles; Europe’s Largest MVNO; Japan’s Leading Automotive Tier-1

My teams, in projects for three different customers, went the extra mile during these rather stressful times. They not only worked hard to ensure that business continued as usual for customers but also ensured that there were no adverse impacts on productivity and plans. It is noteworthy that they continued to stay sufficiently motivated and determined despite remote working challenges.

Taking clues from the prevailing situation and gaining understanding of customer plans, we worked proactively with various support groups to equip each team member with required machines, access, connectivity, etc. to enable WFH. While some had to carry desktops home to circumvent laptop configuration issues, some chose to change their place of work to have uninterrupted connectivity. Timely advisories were issued to customers and their consent was taken for WFH.

We leveraged modern technologies to stay connected with each other and with customers, while meeting rhythms, scrum ceremonies, and project discussions continued smoothly. While customers have not raised any concerns so far, some have even issued remote working guidelines for the teams. Team members continue to ensure that they are reachable over all channels, keep each other informed about their availabilities, and take care of dependencies.

Some team members are practicing meditation and yoga using the time saved from commuting between home and office.

Praful Khandelwal
Program Manager-Application Software, Digital