Upped customer confidence with proactive steps to ensure business continuity

Customer: Japan’s Leading Automotive Tier-1

Despite being caught up in these unusual times, we have been able to ensure business continuity for our customer who is a leading Japanese Automotive Tier-1.

Apart from solution development, effective communication and collaboration is a critical aspect of this engagement. Sasken’s IT, Lab, and Facility Management teams were extremely supportive in enabling additional laptops and hardware at short notice for all team members. We also got extra devices shipped from our customer with the help of our procurement team.

All my team members were able to continue their work from home and we have not faced any challenges in executing our milestones so far. We did have some dependency on a physical car for on-road testing but we have aligned with our customer to do offline testing till the situation normalizes.

The above success was a result of series of proactive steps that we took as an organization and I appreciate the timely and able support provided that helped us boost customer confidence and continue business as usual.

Rajiv Nagendra
Project Manager-Automotive