Provisioned Automated Asset Inspection in Industrial Assembly

Success Stories

Provisioned Automated Asset Inspection in Industrial Assembly
US-based Leading Machine Vision-based product manufacturer


Design, Develop and Implement E2E modules for GPU based image processing Industrial Applications


  • Design hardware board layout and board schematics
  • Selecting hardware components such as memory, communication, camera, PMIC, etc.
  • Complete board bring up
  • BSP development for custom board
  • Yocto Linux modifications for custom boards
  • Device drivers development
  • U-Boot customizations to match the end application
  • Testing hardware and sample applications
  • Enable USB OTG support


  • Fast image processing capabilities for real-time industrial applications
  • Automated real-time checks for asset or defect identification and other quality aspects
  • Lower process interruption/downtime owing to automated process checks
  • Increase in production throughput because of lower downtime
  • Reduction in process Type II error(passage of faulty products) because of zero manual errors
  • Improvement in top line because of increased process productivity
  • Lesser downtime due to early fault detection through computer-based vision of processes
  • Lesser amount of manual quality inspection

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