In-store App for Retail store Associate

Customer:Ruggedized device manufacturer for enterprise usage


Development of in-store application that helps the store associate to be well informed about the incoming customer based on the social media check-ins such as Foursquare or Facebook


  • Hybrid solution involving Rhomobile suite, jQuerymobile, HTML5 and CSS3
  • Android Tablet client supporting following features
    • Customer check-in list view (via Foursquare, Facebook)
    • Admin portal for adding retail stores and provisioning
    • Customer purchase history view
    • Customer profile
  • In-store/User Management  server hosted on AWS cloud – used AWS technologies EC2, S3 and auto-scaling


Enabled the store associate to improve customer service and increase the top-line

In-store App for Retail store Associate

Customer:Tier-1 retail software vendor