Usage Prediction

Customer:UK MVNO


A leading MVNO operating in Europe wanted to optimize wholesale purchase costs by predicting usage pattern of subscribers and then selecting the lowest costing bundles


  • Aggregation of high volume CDR data, subscriber data and product data available in discrete sources
  • Developed statistical models to:
    • Predict usage patterns for the subsequent months
    • Prescribe wholesale bundles which need to be purchased
    • Compare performance of models and self-correct as the model matures
  • Developed IT solution to automate execution of statistical models and present reports to end users
  • Created of reports that show accuracy of forecasts. This data will be used for:
    • Refining models
    • Billing the client


  • The solution saves the client around €725,000 per month
  • Accuracy of Sasken models is very close to the perfect foresight (PF), i.e., reactive estimates of cost after the usage cycle has completed
Usage Prediction

Sasken Solution

Customer:Leading European MVNO

Customer:Mobility Software Provider