Edge Processing – A Paradigm for Instantaneous Value Realization

Industrial companies are driving new levels of performance and productivity gains, in the form of reduced unplanned downtime, higher production efficiency etc. leveraging cloud computing and other technology innovations. A key element of industrial transformation is the speed of data and analysis. According to a study from IDC, 45% of all data created by IoT devices will be stored, processed, analyzed, and acted upon close to, or at the edge of, a network by 2019. As more IoT devices get added and the need for handling time-critical use cases increases, a new paradigm is required to aggregate and process data, draw insights from, and initiate actions close to assets producing the data. Edge Processing will become critical for handling the data deluge, reducing time-to-value and realizing value instantaneously.

This paper talks about the cloud-based approach for data processing, its challenges, and how Edge Processing addresses those needs. It concludes with how Edge and Cloud can operate together for realizing business outcomes.

By Asghar Ali
Assistant Manager, Digital Transformation Services Practice, Sasken