Leadership Team


Ken Yaguchi

President - Sasken Japan

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Yaguchi is an experienced and capable leader with over 34 years of experience in large-scale production software development and automotive engineering. Before joining Sasken, he held senior leadership positions in Denso/Denso Ten, ADIT(Joint venture of Bosch and Denso) and played an instrumental role in several successful projects not only Japan but also UK and Germany. He has had a long-standing relationship with Sasken for more than 10 years in the automotive domain with focus on IVI and Vehicle Navigation Systems.

Yaguchi graduated from Nagoya Institute of Technology with a degree in Electronics, Information Technology. He actively contributes to Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance (COVESA) formerly known as GENIVI Alliance, a non-profit automotive industry alliance for quality improvement experience for production software.

Alwyn Joseph Premkumar

President & Chief Operating Officer


Chief Financial Officer

Tero Pernu

Managing Director – Sasken Finland

Moumita Kurup

VP & Head - HR

Girish BVS

Chief Technology Officer

Yogesh Rathi

Chief Technology Officer