Ramkumar B

Leadership Team

Ramkumar B

Vice President - Finance

B Ramkumar is responsible for Financial Accounting, Systems & Control, Legal, Risk Management, Procurement & Logistics, Treasury, Taxation and Information Systems functions. He focuses on business processes and on using tax, legal and Information Systems to enhance business value. Ramkumar is a Chartered Accountant and Cost Accountant.

Ramkumar has over 25 years of work experience in several industries. He began his career in the Internal Audit function in Madras Cements Limited before assuming responsibility for the Financial/Commercial & Cost Accounting and taxation functions. He then moved on to BPL Mobile. At BPL Mobile, Ramkumar was responsible for circle operations before joining Sasken in 2004. He was part of the core team which was involved in Sasken’s IPO in 2005. Ram is a highly ethically centered individual and is committed to helping the organisation continue to uphold the highest standards of ethics at all times.

He holds a Degree in Mathematics. He has also obtained a Diploma in General Management. He enjoys reading and in his spare time involves himself in activities with sections of society which need attention.

Swami Krishnan, VP & Head of Marketing & Communications

Swami Krishnan

VP and Head - Marketing & Communications

Toni Varila, CEO and Delivery Manager - Sasken Finland

Toni Varila

CEO - Sasken Finland