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Ramkumar B

Vice President - Finance

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Ramkumar, a seasoned Sasian, serves as the company's Chief Risk Officer. Ramkumar's current responsibilities include financial accounting & reporting; systems & control; legal; risk management; procurement & logistics; and taxation. In addition, Ramkumar has managed the Treasury and Information Systems functions in the past. He focuses on business processes, using tax, legal, and information systems to enhance business value. Additionally, he is a trustee in the trusts that Sasken has set up for ensuring employee retirement benefits and the Sasken Foundation, which is the trust for CSR activities.

Ramkumar had close to three and a half decades of rich work experience in several industries. He began his career in the Internal Audit function of Madras Cements Limited before assuming responsibility for the financial, commercial, and cost accounting and taxation functions. He then moved on to BPL Mobile Cellular Limited, where he was the Corporate Controller and was also responsible for operations in two circles, before joining Sasken in 2004. At Sasken, he was part of the core team that was involved in Sasken’s IPO in 2005 and was also part of the team responsible for various acquisitions.

He is a qualified Chartered Accountant & Cost Accountant and holds a Diploma in Management from INSEAD, France.

Abhijit Kabra

Chief Executive Officer


Chief Financial Officer

Tero Pernu

Managing Director – Sasken Finland

Utpal Bakshi

Chief Commercial Officer

Venugopal Ramakrishnan

Chief Technology Officer