Sasken to build end-to-end device in the Industry 4.0 space

Sasken is developing a prototype of a second generation modular multi-purpose machine vision device used in industrial applications for the world's leading supplier of machine vision systems. Our customer aims to migrate first generation products by upgrading the underlying electronics, including a high performance multi-core CPU, while keeping the mechanics intact. Sasken will be responsible for component selection, hardware schematics, PCB layout design, hardware testing, OS bring-up, driver development, camera interface, and feature enablement and testing. The customer chose Sasken as the best-in-class partner for this project due to our brilliant track record of delivering the end-to-end device development. Sasken’s comprehensive spectrum of services, R&D presence in Finland, and ability to support low volume manufacturing through partnerships won the customer’s confidence. Sasken involved itself in a pre-study phase to jointly research and freeze on the components, design and scope of the development activities.