Sasken Ensures IIoT Platform & Big Data Validation for Swiss-Swedish Fortune 500 Company

Digital technologies have been gaining prominence and Sasken has always remained ahead of the curve by providing unique Digital Transformation solutions across multiple industries. Banking on Sasken’s expertise in the Digital domain, a Swiss-Swedish Fortune 500 company entrusted Sasken with the responsibility of timely validation of their Big Data and IIoT platform. Sasken was involved in the conceptualization and final design of multiple test cases, and framework to manage the entire system, by leveraging its DevOps expertise. Although it was a challenging task, keeping in mind the multiple data sources and sophisticated data pipelines utilized, Sasken successfully enabled end-to-end testing of functionality, performance, and pre-security of the platform. An automation framework was also implemented for regression testing and data pipeline validation. By doing so, Sasken ensured the integrity and security of customer’s platform, providing a robust framework assessing 2,000+ test cases along with five embedded and 30 business applications.