Sasken scores a perfect 5/5 in C-SAT with a Fortune 500 Company

The team was involved in developing the software for the customer’s new line of laser welding machines. Their responsibilities included custom hardware, creation of a uniform framework to make the system operating system agnostic, building related drivers, and developing a suite of applications to support the laser welding process. The Sasken team always delivered on time and maintained the highest quality of deliverables, hence scored a perfect 5/5 in customer satisfaction from the customer. The team pro-actively scheduled demonstrations that showcased milestone deliverables to their counterparts which helped gain the customer’s confidence and obtain a requisite milestone approval on time. The customer was highly impressed with the organization’s commitment, team’s capability, quality of work, and track record of on-time delivery. This perfect C-SAT score is a testimony to Sasken’s strength as a partner to the customer in the Industrials space.