Sasken wins prestigious iNFHRA award for Ecological-Sustainable Initiatives

Sasken was recently declared as the winner in the Ecological-Sustainable Initiatives category of the prestigious iNFHRA’s Annual FM Excellence Conference and Awards. Sasken’s aim to create an eco-friendly environment and to be a socially responsible organization was highly appreciated by the jury. Recently, Sasken was selected as one of the five companies to contribute towards a standard operating process for solid waste management among corporates. Sasken’s sustainability initiatives for the year included significant reduction of waste generation at all Sasken sites, segregation of waste at source, and disposing of waste in an eco-friendly manner, promoting organic farming, participating in public Swachchata drives, afforestation initiatives, and World Environment Day activities. Sasken’s CSR initiatives such as using solar power to light up the entire Belagavadi village and an upcoming project on automatic organic waste composter near Domlur were well received by the jury as well as delegates from the industry.