Delivered Test Automation of an IoT Platform for a Leading Supplier of Automotive Parts

Customer:A leading supplier of automotive parts

Scope: Sasken assisted the client adopt and evolve their IoT platform to effectively support their new-age Fleet Management and Asset Predictive Maintenance use cases. This included QA automation for their regression suite to provide agility in their development process.


  • Analyzed manual regression suites to identify easily automatable tests
  • Integrated automation packs with CI/Cd scripts and ran them on every regression build covering browsers and devices in scope of business needs
  • Triggered impact based runs on builds based on business requirements
  • Analyzed failures in QA execution reports and provided necessary modifications in QA approach, strategy, processes, and tools as part of QA plan


  • Ensured reduction in time to production
  • Reduced defect leaks entering production stage
  • Provided lower and predictable QA cost

Customer: Leading South Korean Automotive Tier-1

Customer: Leading UK-based provider of aftermarket automotive ancillary products

Customer:Leading UK-based provider of aftermarket automotive ancillary products