Partnering with North American Tier-1 for Autonomous Vehicular Validation

Customer: A US-based leading start-up company developing technology for self driving car


The customer was looking for a partner to support in autonomous vehicular validation in a lab-based environment.


  • Platform: Linux, Nvidia Quadro GPUs
  • Implemented following inputs to the system:
    • H.265 encoded video file
    • Mapping from frame index to timestamp for each H.265 file
    • Clock signal indicating the current time
    • A mapping from video file to display number
  • Enabled playback of a set of logged camera data (for multiple cameras) in sync with each other and other time stamped data (which will be played back separately)
  • Enabled video files to be played on correct output according to the configuration file along with additional meta data to be encoded in each frame
  • Decoding logs containing images from multiple cameras from H.265 and rendering to separate display port outputs across multiple GPUs


Sasken leveraged its expertise in sensor fusion, platform engineering and multimedia to achieve zero frame drop with synchronized playback.

Customer:Leading Japanese Automotive Tier-1

Customer: Japanese Automotive Tier-1

Customer: Leading Japanese Automotive Tier-1